Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shall we dance?

It happens at least once or twice everyday sometimes even more. That awkward dance. That moment where you pass someone in the hallways or along the street and you do some uncomfortable movements to try and dodge them. You go this way I'll go that way and vice versa. I have asked around and this is a common occurance but everyone reacts differently. I have found a new approach to relieve the awkwardness by asking the person ' shall we dance?' In my mind a big band starts up and we either swing or salsa our way out of the situation........... In reality I either get a very strange glance or a huff and a gruff and the person hurries on.
Fred Astaire would never have passed up a chance to dance

I guess that ten seconds of your life can feel alot longer for some but maybe there needs to be a sidewalk or hallway rule if people are so scared of dancing? Is it meant to be keep left unless overtaking? Maybe one day someone will just laugh or actually dance with me.... until that day... happy awkward people dodging!!

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