Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plane etiquette

I have spent a fair bit of my life on airplanes and I think that anyone that travels regularly has a routine. Mine has become quite the ritual. I get in my seat, headphones straight on and choose a movie. As the movie starts I make myself comfortable. Shoes come off, neck cushion inflated and blanket out. Then by the time the meal comes my movie is almost over. Quick trip to the bathroom to brush the teeth and clean the face. Back to the seat, ear plugs on with headphones on top and off to dream land I go.......... well this is normally the plan!

You may ask why the headphones are on before anything else..... well to this I say 'Privacy.'
There's something about headphones and a direct stare to the screen that normally lets people know you are not to be bothered. So you would think?

I guess that if you are spending 14 + hours with someone in very close proximity it would be nice to have some communication...... Maybe a 'hello how are you,' would suffice?   Do you like to get to know the person sitting next to you? Do you think it is necessary to know their life story before embarking half way across the globe together?

Or like me do you take your plane time to shut out the world and completely relax and unwind?
I have had many strange experiences on planes. Not too long ago I woke up from a nap to my neighbour drawing a portrait of me.... not only that but in the picture my mouth was wide open, (not my most flattering angle.) But the fact that he had been staring at me and sketching this entire time was a little creepy to say the least. As if this wasn't enough but during my flight home the passenger next to me informed me that he was returning to Australia as he had been sick with the swine flu.... wonderful!

I often find it hard being in the middle seat. My last trip I was wedged between two burly men who both took up my leg room. I woke up with one of their arms hanging over my side and one of their legs clearly in my foot area and one man even had his head resting on my pillow!  kind of strange getting all cosy with complete strangers. At least buy me a drink first!? But the space thing is a tricky one, there should be a line outlining where your own body parts must stay in flight.
However if you are sitting in the window seat and wake up busting to go to the toilet  you then must crawl over your neighbours. Trust me if they wake up while you are attempting to launch your self over them it can give them quite a fright and be awkward to say the least.

So does plane etiquette exist? Should there be a little pamphlet on the do's and dont's of air travel? Or does all of this just make for a more exciting adventure? I wonder who I will meet up in the air next time..........


  1. Made me laugh out loud!
    Did you, at least, get to keep the sketch?
    ♥ and safe travels.
    FL!P x

  2. LMFAO!!! I don't fly often at all however i like my personal space so getting this close 2 strangers in a confined space would TOTALLY FREAK me out lol!!!