Thursday, September 9, 2010

What happened to Lauryn Hill?!

Who wasn't obsessed with Sister Act 2?! I can't remember a weekend that didn't go by that my sister and I didn't watch it and sing and dance along like maniacs. Aside from Whoopi Goldberg Lauryn Hill was the real star, and following the movie her group the Fugees took off especially with the release of their version of Killing me softly. Not long after, Lauryn came out with her album 'The miseducation of Lauryn Hill. To this day I have noticed that every single one of my friends owns a copy of this album and still listens to it. For me it was my high school anthem every single track takes me back. The album had so many incredible songs including 'Doop wop (that thing),' 'Lost ones,' 'Everything is everything,' and 'Ex factor.' not to mention that the album earned Lauryn 5 Grammy awards! But not long after in 2000 Lauryn Hill dropped off the face of the earth!

She claimed to have had enough of the music industry and it's control and went into self imposed exile!

She had a small come back in 2001 but critics and fans alike were divided on her new material and I guess most were disappointed it didn't top 'The miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.'
She has been touring off and on since but has gained quite the reputation for being late to her performances..... like really late!

A recent performance in Washington DC she kept her fans waiting 3 hours!! Apparently she was getting a manicure and pedicure and had to wait for the paint to dry... her rep apologised and said she couldn't go on stage looking all busted.'.... hmm I wouldn't quite describe chipped paint as busted.

Would you wait 3 hours to see Lauryn Hill? Would you wait 3 hours to see anyone? I'm not sure If I am that patient but more importantly does the artist respect their fans if they make them wait so long!?


  1. she did a reggae concert in Syd last year and was absolutely phenomenal! One of the best gig's i've ever been to!

  2. I know I hear, I just missed it as I was away but I think she is Amazing, but would you wait 3 hours to hear it again?